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we also do critiques of repaints, if requested.

If you wish to have your repaint or photos taken off the blog, please send me an ask.
aerozeppelinzero:  Can you do tutorials/ How To's for your repaints or clothing? Because I'm currently experimenting with the whole "customizing dolls" thing and I love how you do yours so I was just wondering if you can show me how you do it so I can have some more ideas since I'm a beginner in the whole thing :)

Hello, i don’t actually do the repaints shown on this blog: you can find credit for the original artist either in the description, as a click through link, or as the source of the post.
Here are some useful links with tutorials or inspirations that may help you out :

this etsy seller has many amazing patterns for a very low price that are tailored for monster high bodies.

A basic list of materials is sealant (most go for Mr Super Clear, or Testors Dullcote), acrylics/watercolour pencils, soft pastels and detail brushes, but you can find more information in the links above.

Hope this is helpful to you!